The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black has been playing in London since 1987 and my friend has seen it four times. She invited me to see the Royal George Theater production. The play was engaging and acting was accomplished.

A man who wants to share his frightful experience with a ghost hires an actor to coach him. However, this man is so dull that the actor winds up taking the reins and performing the story himself. We see the two rehearse the tale of the man’s journey to a gothic, desolate mansion owned by a woman who’s recently died. In the course of this project, the actor comes in contact with the otherworldly Woman in Black.

The show is entertaining and whether you go with friends, your grandma or a child, there’s nothing objectionable in terms of content or language. It’s scary, but not something that would give anyone nightmares. All in all, it’s an entertaining show that I liked. I don’t see myself going again and again, but I’m glad I went.

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