2019 Resolutions

ny resolutions
I realize most people don’t keep New Years Resolutions. So some might say, “Why bother?” An Act One friend Jan takes a different approach. She doesn’t make exercise and health resolutions, e.g. lose 10 lbs., or exercise every day since you should do that anyway. Instead she uses resolutions as a little nudge to do something she wants to do anyway. Jan resolves to go to lunch once a week with a friend. It’s something she wants to do, but life can get so hectic that when the chores pile up, that was the first thing to get eliminated from her schedule.

In that vein, I’ve been resolving to watch one old movie, i.e. a film made before 1990, each week. Sometimes, I don’t make it and I always stipulated that when I was in the midst of grading that was off the list. I’m going to continue with this resolution and add a couple more.

So here’s my list:

  • Continue to watch one classic movie a week.
  • Learn more about economics by reading three books on the subject and taking one free online economics or business course.
  • Get Japanese for Busy People I: Romanized from the library and review Japanese three times a week.
  • Resume my online Great Books Book Club.

Are you making any resolutions? Please share your thoughts on New Years’ Resolutions below.

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