Sepia Saturday


Merry Christmas!

Sepia Saturday is celebrating the holiday and I’m sharing photos from the archives on Flickr Commons. If I have time, I’ll see what old family photos I can dig up.


A real Christmas tradition, Marshall Fields’ Christmas tree

Above is the giant Christmas tree at Marshall Fields’ department store. My grandmother would take us all for lunch under the tree. When we were small, we’d follow this with a visit to Santa. The lines were long, but we went every year till the store was bought by Macy’s. The chicken pot pie, Field’s Special Salad followed by their hot fudge sundae was the way to go.


Marshall Fields long ago



Dutch Archive, Flickr Commons


Florida Memory, two siblings at Christmas, circa 1950

And a carol for you


6 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. That first picture of the huge tree in Marshall Fields reminds me of the giant tree they used to erect in the open center of the City of Paris Dept. store in San Francisco. I used to love taking the stairs to each floor to get a different view of each part of the tree with its huge ornaments. Another place to see at Christmas was the extensive glass display case windows of the S.F. Emporium all decorated for the season and with an electric train that ran throughout the complete display. Really special. But the video of Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing that beautiful duet really caught me. I’d never heard that combination before until it was performed a couple of weeks ago by two men in the choral group I sing with in our Christmas concert. What a happy coincidence! 🙂


  2. Love the Mashall Fields tree! It must have been quite an experience dining under it as a child. Also like the last photo with original metal tinsel (so much better than the plastic!). I was able to find metal tinsel online a couple years ago and promptly ordered three packages — which I take down and re-wrap every year, just like the ornaments. Have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!


  3. Here in Asheville the Biltmore Estate always makes the installation of its giant Christmas tree a special event. A ridiculous tall tree is brought in by horse drawn wagon and a team of hundreds of volunteers put it up in the grand banquet hall. The decorations take longer of course. But after the holiday those elves make it disappear overnight along with dozens of other trees and seasonal ornaments. A lot of work for the height of the winter tourist season. My best wishes to you for a happy New year!


  4. How very beautiful! Glad you found pic of such a monumental tree, which was part of your life as a child too! I like the idea of praying to a cake (tee hee) though I guess the kids were wishing for what Santa might bring them!


  5. I’ve never been near such a large Christmas tree. What a treat to eat under it! I enjoyed the other photos too. Merry Christmas!


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