Dear Retailers

Dear Retailers,

When you hire staff, remember the following:

  • You can’t expect workers, to do you favors by working extra, and then never reciprocate and allow people time off that’s requested weeks in advance. You need to show some respect and appreciation.
  • When employees ask you a question, realize that they should get a reasonable reply and can schuss out a bogus one easily. If someone asks, “How’s the shopping center doing; I see that two neighboring stores and a busy restaurant have left?” Understand that saying “We’re up 101%,” is an obvious side-step and people realize that 101% isn’t good if the previous year was disappointing. Also, note that the data on falling sales is available with a few keystrokes. Some of us even know that the US government collects this data through their Business Census.
  • Realize that whispers and gossip is not a good way to manage. “Sunshine is the best antiseptic.”
  • It’s not a good idea to leave a new worker on their own to do everything on a Saturday before Chanukah and Christmas. Don’t run people ragged. If your recruiting efforts aren’t getting applicants, you should raise the pay.
  • Know that people won’t buy that you can’t do XYZ, because of the computer. Nonsense. Management can’t hide behind a computer program. We all know there’s a override option. Always.
  • Understand that it’s a tight labor market and people will move on to find a better job. Stagnant wages won’t be endured.


A Good Worker Who’s About to Quit

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