Sepia Saturday

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Dance is this week’s Sepia Saturday theme and I have found all kinds of different dances and dancers. Enjoy!


Dancing in an Egyptian Tomb, National Archives of Estonia, 1910

I’m not convinced that’s a real tomb.

Ruth St. Denis (above) was an early pioneer of modern dance. She taught Martha Graham.

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Japanese high school girls learning to dance – 1926


Midsummer Dance, Swedish Heritage Board, 1931


VFW Hall Dance, US National Archives, 1946

6 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. You’ve covered some interesting bases here with various forms of dance. I like! 🙂 Especially Ruth St. Denis. I love olden day things like that.


  2. The Swedes seem very static in comparison to the dance moves of the others. Steve Martin used to do an Egyptian Dance skit years ago on Saturday Night Live that was not unlike the Ruth St. Denis photo.

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