Sepia Saturday


This week’s Sepia Saturday honors WWI veterans and I thought I would find and share photos of the war itself, not the memorials themselves.  Here’s what I found.


Source: State Library of NSW, 1918

N.B. One commenter on Flickr commenter on Flickr said that this trench (above) didn’t look authentic.


Source: State Library of NSW, 1918


Source: State Library of NSW, Flickr Commons, 1918

Battle of Menin Road. I suppose this was after the battle.


Internet Archives, Flickr Commons 1918

Belgian War Nurse in Belgium

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    • Captain Hardy in the Australian military took them. I don’t know anything about Captain Hardy in terms of his biography. They do look authentic to me, but since I read that comment, I thought I should mention it.


  1. It’s very sobering to see pictures of this war. In some sectors the hardship of trench warfare on the western front was dealing with the mud and vermin. But in other areas it was the incessant bombs and shells that rained down on the battle lines. Since you couldn’t risk walking visible to the enemy they dug more trenches, zigzagging from one to another. It took extraordinary courage and willpower not to go mad.

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  2. War is neither pretty nor adventurous as some movies and TV programs portray, and these pictures bring home that truth in no uncertain terms! Thank you for researching them and sharing.

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