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wordswag_15073188796611453091488Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!

I’d tell you that I’m sad that Halloween’s over. Soon the decorations will be gone, as will the vividly colored leaves. The rainy cold of November is hard for me to take.

I had three job interviews last week. Two were for part time jobs, with low pay. One of these was at the library for my hometown. It’s small and cosy and would be a good place to start working. Alas, it’s only 18 hours a week. It galls me because in Illinois for government jobs if you work 19 hours a week you get benefits. This rule turns out not to help anyone and it just means penny-pinching organizations will not give more hours to part timers. They’ll get the most they can. If you are scheduled to work 18 hours, you wind up working over 19 as you come into work a few minutes early and leaving a little late.

The other part time job interview was with an Apple Store. The two people I met were personable and authentic. There weren’t any trick questions. I felt at ease. However, I wonder if they’ll opt for someone with an “edgier” look.

The full time job was as an Instructional Designer for a manufacturer. The company makes steel pipes and fittings. It was a pretty good phone interview and I was blown away by the salary range — about double what full time librarians make. I wound up not getting called in for a face to face interview, which I attribute to my lack of industrial experience. As an Instructional Designer, you don’t have to know the ins and outs of the subject matter, the experts on the team do. However, there probably were candidates who did have more familiarity with that. The experience has made me think that Instructional Design is worth pursuing.

Saturday I got to see a wonderful production of Jane Eyre at Northwestern University. They have such talented students and the set and costumes were great. More on that soon.

I also saw three compelling films on DVD, all recommended by Sharon, my film guru in the A/V department at Skokie Public Library. They are: The Rocket, The Cave of the Yellow Dog and Kedi

I’m so tired of the election campaigning and the ads. I believe in democracy and care about elections, but the campaigns drag on and the TV ads are unrelenting. Tomorrow I’m an election judge, which I enjoy. I’ll also be in a safe, electioneering-free zone! I so look forward to respite from the ads, punches and counter-punches. I think there should be a few days before the 2020 would-be presidential candidates start their barrage.

I have just finished my television adaptation of an old (public domain) novel that’s another delightful American Downton Abbey. The bigger challenge is getting it to see the light of day, i.e. get produced. Now I’m going to start on a contemporary series idea. If I can finish that soon, I’ll have three submissions, two that are new, for the Act One Upfront. I hope to submit these before the Early Bird session is over.

Thanks to Eclectic Alli for hosting this Weekend Coffee Share.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Hello! I have never seen this CoffeeShare before but am glad I found it caught up a bit on what you are doing. It seems I miss your posts and did not know if you were in the country or not. Good luck on the writing and job hunting. So many companies only give hours just under what is required for benefits.


    • Hi, I’ve been in the country for some time, which has been good since my mom had knee replacement surgery and has needed help around the house and still isn’t 100%, though she’s getting more steady on her feet.

      I’ve been looking for jobs in this area, but will consider jobs overseas. The problem is my career has plateaued there and the pollution in China is just too unhealthy. Also, I find the political scene in China troubling as there are more and more restrictions. President Xi is trying to outstrip Mao. Yikes!

      As you get older, most countries want you out the door. While they appreciate expertise, they’re fine with cheaper workers and novice skills.


  2. I hope you find the perfect job that puts a smile on your lips very morning. It’s so important. Yes, money is important too, but I choose a job that I like before more money any day. Best of luck to you!


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