Sepia Saturday


This week Sepia Saturday’s challenge inspired me to go through the archives to find images of old billboards. For more Sepia Saturday posts click here.

Join the fun!

North Carolina State Archives, 1945


US National Archives, Florida, 1970s


National Library of Australia, 1925


5 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Is there a way to go a bit electric the old fashioned way? And I haven’t heard anyone use the term Yankee like ever and I’ve live in the South. And how big is the Australian whisky. market?


    • In North Carolina and Ireland, I’ve been called a Yankee or Yank. I do think in Maine they referent to cheapskates as Yanks. I heard that in Boston and Maine.


    • If I go down South, even today, someone’s bound to call me a Yankee within a few days. I also think the Irish call us Yanks. It makes me bristle, but some do.


  2. I particularly love the “go all-electric” ad showing a ringer washer — which my grandmother actually used! Particularly in the case of the stove, this power company ad was likely aimed at weaning people off of gas and toward a so-called “medallion” home. But anyone who has been through a power outage knows that a gas stove is a good thing to have when the lights and fridge go out!


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