Sepia Saturday

1809C-38This week’s nostalgic prompt challenges bloggers to find images of things that are falling. To see more fallen images, click here.


Waterfall, Powerhouse Museum, Flickr Commons, 1910


Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater, Public Domain, Pixabay


Frozen waterfall, Shaanxi, China, Smithsonian, Flickr Commons, n.d.

4 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. I think you came up with a neat take on the theme! There are times when we really need to tax our imaginations to match the theme in one way or another and it’s always interesting and fun to see how some of us do that. 🙂 And thanks for participating!!! We need to get members back on the track, darn it. Numbers are dwindling too much and too quickly.


  2. Very clever! I looked at our theme photo and thought about the rain water cascading off that cockeyed roof. From what I’ve read Frank Lloyd Wright’s house design did not prove very resilient as time, water, and decay opened up a lot of cracks in the foundation and window/wall connections.


  3. I like that you’ve brought some nice old pictures here, as well as the falling water theme. What do you think is the reason SS has lost people’s interest? There are lots of other memes with photos being contributed. But not beautiful old ones.


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