Sepia Saturday


I went in search of plein air painting, but there wasn’t all that much online. I couldn’t find many photos.  So I used one from a John Singer Sargent exhibit I recently saw at the Art Institute and the only photo I found on Flickr Commons. For more, Sepia Saturday responses, click here.


By John Singer Sargent


Smithsonian, ca 1920 via Flickr Commons


6 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Ah – I missed that particular JSS painting and I have a miniature copy of it in my scrapbook art collection. I do so like his work and have many scrapbook picture copies of it. I call them scrapbook copies but actually, they’re still print-outs sitting in folders waiting to be put into scrapbooks. I should probably get started on the project one of these days . . . 🙂

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