Sepia Saturday


This week’s prompt inspired me to look for photos with mothers and babies.

Library of Congress, 1910, East Side Babies


Mrs. L. M. Riley & Emilie, Library of Congress, 1915


National Library of Ireland, 1913


5 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Terrific images of proud mothers! Not that I know much about babies, but these seem way overdressed compared to today’s infants. I can’t imagine their mother’s daily struggle wrapping and unwrapping the child!


    • The bottoms of their outfits are open, which might make things easier than lots of snaps, which we tend to have. No matter what mothering is the hardest work there is.


  2. Oh Emilie is my favorite of these infants. Yes what Mike said, all that wrapping, and you know babies are soiling a bunch of it. What a lot of laundry our great grandmothers had! But back to cute babies…everyone thinks theirs was a beauty, right?


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