Tried Lyft & Hated It

nexus2cee_Lyft-ThumbI’ve never used Lyft or Uber for that matter. I saw an ad for Lyft on the New York subway for up to $25 off. So for today’s airport ride I tried Lyft for myself and my aunt.

When I tried to approve the payment, my request for a discount was rejected because they contend that I’d already used Lyft. I NEVER have.

So I filled out the customer service form to explain that I am a new customer. After submitting the form, I got a message saying I am not due a discount. I’ve asked for further review. If they don’t fix this problem, I’ll never use them again.

Is this a good way to run a business?

Our driver was fine, but now I’m angry that I was tricked into using Lyft over a taxi.


5 thoughts on “Tried Lyft & Hated It

  1. I too have never used Lyft it Uber but taxi or car service are usually reliable in NYC. Hope the fare was at least equivalent rather than more without the discount (which I hope you get reimbursed & if not contact the local
    NBC4 consumer affairs for help).


    • I heard back from Lyft. They’re giving me 10 $5 off coupons, but I don’t need 10 coupons. It’ll take years for me to use that up. The ride was supposed to cost $37.45 but cost around $44. There was a lot of traffic. I was going with my aunt and public transportation with the bags was out of the question given the stairs at stations.

      It’s disappointing. I did respond explaining that I appreciated the gesture, but would like a different response. I’d like to apply some discount to the past ride. My next ride could be in a year or never.

      I don’t need taxis or Uber here much. If I did, I do have $5 taxi vouchers from my village. After a certain age, we all qualify.

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      • I agree with you. One wants a refund for being overcharged rather than future discounts for something one may or may not use in the future. Something similar happened to me years ago with Delta Airlines that they gave a $100 discount with a limited validity (I think for one year) after a valid customer complaint on my part and I simply had no opportunity (or money) to use that voucher that simply went to waste back then.


      • Shame on Delta. Lyft may now give me a discount on the ride yesterday. It shouldn’t be so hard to use a promotion code. I hope to get the discount within the week. They sure haven’t won me over.


  2. I know and understand how ride shares help other people, but they aren’t needed for me. Walking, borrowing a car and public transportation are more cost effective.


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