Sepia Saturday

The Family Car : Unknown Subjects and Location (Isobel Wales Collection)

Sepia Saturday offers weekly prompts to inspire bloggers. This week the above photo inspired me to find car wash and old car photos.

To see more of these photos, click here.


Deseronto Archives, 1976 | Flickr Commons


Toy Car Factory circa 1909 | LLGCNLW, Flickr Commons


Australia War Memorial, 1944 | Flickr Commons



8 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. All 3 pix are great, but I love the cow photo! Reminds me of a café where we go to have breakfast on Sunday mornings. It has a cow theme and there are all manner of cows – flying cows hanging from the ceiling, a two-seater cow bench, a black & white cow-spotted Marlin hanging over the fireplace and so much more. Over the years patrons have brought in hundreds of porcelain cows in all sizes which are displayed everywhere possible. A really fun place (and the food is tops!)


  2. Wow, I never did see an assembly line for toy cars, very interesting. Also loved the picture of the upside down cow, is that so the milk wouldn’t leak out? heh, heh, heh…


  3. Kids washing a car, a toy car, a cow on a car — great selection to match the prompt! Wish I’d had time to delve into my photo collection…but I’m sure a similar prompt will roll around in the next year 🙂 Nicely done!


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