Sepia Saturday

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So this week we’re prompted to share photos of wedding or stairs or people on stairs.


State Library of New South Wales, circa 1935

How’s that for a wedding photo! It’s such a stand out that I’m only sharing one image this week. What could come close!

I hope they lived happily ever after.

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14 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. That’s some photograph, looks like she’s about to take off! The gentleman looks a bit like Fred Astaire too.


  2. A real classic photo! The crisp line of the groom’s suit makes a fantastic contrast with the bride’s voluminous gown. They are Cyril Joseph Trimnell-Ritchard, aka Cyril Ritchard, and Leah Madeleine “Madge” Elliott on their wedding day, September 16, 1935 in Sydney, Australia. Both were celebrities of the musical stage, appearing in London, New York, etc. On the other side of the camera are reportedly 50 policemen and 5,000 spectators! Madge died in 1955, amd Cyril in 1977.

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