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Sepia Saturday Header 431 : 11 August 2018

This week we’re prompted to post photos of photographers. Quite meta, huh?

I think the old days of big, bulky cameras is quite romantic, while the small compact cameras like the one with the lady holding a hair brush (for reasons that escape me).


Model, Tyne & Wear Museum, 1964 | Flickr Commons

I have no idea why she’s holding the brush like that. The description didn’t say.


Wilbur Wright, 1909, Library of Congress | Flickr Commons

Wilbur Wright is on the left of the photographer in France.


Dr. Mary Crawford, 1914, Library of Congress | Flickr Commons

Dr. Crawford was one of the doctors who went to American Ambulance Hospital in Paris during World War I in 1914.


Above is a group of photos of old cameras. I remember my first instamatic. It didn’t have the full flashbulb attachment, but I do remember those too.

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  1. The woman in negligee with hair brush and SLR camera is a bit creepy, though unintentional. And Wilbur is about to walk in front of where the photographer has pointed his camera! Odd. I laughed when I got to your last image as one the many now useless camera accessories my dad accumulated was flash attachments. I have so many of those silvery fan flashes that I’ve been considering making them into an light fixture with LED bulbs.

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