Ambient Café Sounds

I like writing in a café because you often get the right amount of sound that makes you more productive. However, sometimes it’s too noisy. What’s the solution? The video above was recorded in a Starbucks in Korea. This is ideal because you can adjust the volume on the chatter! Also, since most of the people are speaking Korean, I’m not drawn into a dramatic story.

It’s the first time I’ve used this and I’d say it did work. I got a good amount of writing done.

Let me know if you like writing in a café or have another spot outside of home where you get more done.

Also, please share if this video or others like it, work for you.


Theme Day: Music

A good theme for August on City Daily Photo. On my other blog.

Beijing Daily Photo 2


August’s theme for City Daily Photo is music. You can see more musical interpretations by clicking here.

Southwest of Tiananmen Square (nearest subway station – Hepingmen) is a traditional neighborhood, much of which has been restored. There you’ll find a block or two dedicated to selling traditional instruments. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear some musicians playing.

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