Virtual Vocations

I just got a notice from a job board and clicked through to find out about an interesting Instructional Design position. I came to a website for Virtual Vocations and stopped when I saw that you had to pay to find out about this job.

It wasn’t what I called cheap either given that most jobs postings are free. I was curious about the A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. I looked at and saw that yes, they have an A+ ratings but as of today they have 6 positive ratings, 1 neutral rating and 6 negative ratings. How is that not a C or worse?

I read the negative reviews and people had a hard time getting the “guaranteed refunds” and finding suitable opportunities that were worth the monthly fees.

I’m not signing up since it’s common practice that the job hunter doesn’t pay employment agencies and there are plenty of job boards.

Thought I’d let the buyer or job hunter beware.