Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday Theme Images - 426 7th July 2018

This week Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to post on living rooms, tables, chairs and such so I’m posting some of my favorite historic homes: Charles Dawes House in Evanston, and the Richard Drieshaus Museum in Chicago.


Charles Dawes House


Charles Dawes House, Living Room

I wish I had such a living room. Below are chairs from the Art of the Chair exhibit at the Drieshaus Museum.

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  1. Trying everything I can think of to post a comment on your blog. If it gets through this time, I’m Kathy, my blog is and those are lovely photographs.

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    • Thanks for all the effort Kathy. I’m perplexed by your WordPress trouble. Have you seen anything about this on their Support Forum? Have you contacted them? I recall some vexing problem I had with WP and their help folks did find a solution.


  2. Love the photos of the Charles Dawes House living room. I am always drawn to the living/library areas of historic houses and the beautiful settings in which folks read, relaxed, perhaps wrote and lived their lives. They inspire me to keep on writing!

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    • I just wish I had such a room for writing and reading. Also, outside that room are lots of trees and beyond that the lakefront.


  3. Look at all those books! I love to read – mostly science fiction and historical romance. I remember when I left home and moved into my first apartment I had just become a member of a book club and as a first-time member I was offered a certain number of books for free. I wanted the bookshelves in my apartment to look impressive so the books I chose for free were a 2-book desk encyclopedia set; a 2-book set of the ‘Outline of History’ by H.G. Wells; a dictionary; and a condensed version of Shakespeare’s plays. Later I added an atlas (which is now very much out of date!) and a compiled book of famous operas. After that I figured my bookshelves could duly impress any visitor and went on to order books I actually wanted to read. 🙂 I must say, however, H.G. Wells’ “Outline of History” was quite interesting and I did actually read quite a bit of it.

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