Tell Me Something Good

Tell Me Something Good is a simple challenge that prompts bloggers to share a nugget of positive news or wisdom and it’s started by the creator of A Momma’s View.

  • Yesterday I attended my brother Bill’s retirement party after 32 years of service in the Army Reserves. I knew of his dedication and courage in his deployments – 2 to Iraq and 1 to Bahrain. I knew he earned a Bronze Star and when not deployed he was dedicated to providing the utmost service to his duties for the Reserves both here and overseas in Thailand and Australia.

    But attending the party and meeting his fellow Reservist Mark and seeing his son who’s now in the Army emcee a ceremony to honor Lt. Col. William Kelly, deepened my respect for Bill. There’s so much our military does in quiet service that we’re unaware of.

    What’s more it was great how everyone honored and Bill thanked my sister-in-law, their kids and all the friends and family supported them. We need more self-less heroes like. Bill from these parts. The military has very few people who live in this area in its ranks.

So for all of you who would like to play along and stick to the rules, here they are:

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