Sepia Saturday


<strong>Floods can be so devastating, yet these kids are making the best of it. Here are some historic floods from Flickr Commons. Click here to see more blogs with Sepia Saturday posts.


Brisbane, 1893 from State Library of Queensland.


Lanceton, Tasmania, 1929 from Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office


Luxor n.d. from NY Public Library</strong>



5 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Fascinating old photographs, and, like Wendy, it was the Luxor one which was particularly striking, as I always think of that being such a dry region. Is it close to the river?


  2. La Nightingail says:

    Regions don’t have to be anywhere near a river or waterway to flood. Several inches of rain allofaonce – as my Grandma Louise used to say – can inundate an area without any other water source – especially if the area is flat and the earth is hard from constant heat and dryness so can’t easily absorb the water coming so fast.


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