Sepia Saturday

California Historical Society : Sepia Saturday Theme Image 419

This week’s theme is nature or danger. If you want to see other responses to the theme, click here.


Grand Canyon, circa 1905

You would not catch me doing this.

dancing mtn

Glacier Point, 1902


Park Ranger & pals, Yellowstone, 1920s



12 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. I’m glad most folks have learned to not feed the bears…there are some that may need to be put down because they’ve become more aggressive in human areas where bird feeders or grass seed and of course human garbage is available around here.


  2. The bear photo is terrifying to me. And the ranger reckless and irresponsible but it was the 20’s and we’ve learned so much since then.


  3. The first two photos are featuring some nutty people. As for the bears – they appear to be a mama & a couple of cubs. It’s amazing mama simply tolerates the ranger there. They must be rather tame. I chased a small – probably around 2 years old – bear out of our campsite with a broom once. At first I just yelled at it and waved my arms around, but that didn’t faze it. But when I began waving a broom around it didn’t like that and high-tailed it over to my cousin’s camp who had just fried up some hamburger. Oopsie! 🙂

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