Sepia Saturday

California Historical Society : Sepia Saturday Theme Image 417


This weeks prompt shows happy people wading in the water. Now that we’re getting some warm weather in the Midwest, thinking about sunny days spent swimming seems reasonable.


State Library of New South Wales, 1908

These friends sure have great smiles and modest suits.


Florida Memories, 1949

Even my friends and I could do that.


Nationaal Archief, n.d.


Improvised sunscreen, Nationaal Archief, n.d.

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8 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Dig those swim outfits. I sure wouldn’t want to try to actually swim in them. But notice one thing about them – they cover up far more skin than today’s bathing suits, true enough. But they didn’t have built-in bras and when that fabric got wet, well, it didn’t leave that much to the imagination! 🙂

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    • I’m aging too so I may find a new theme with black text. Or I will see if I can change the text style.

      Thanks for that feedback, Barb.


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