Bunker Labs

On Friday I got to go on a TechTrip with the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and one of the stops was Chicago’s incubator 1871. 1871 offers space and programs for start ups. One of its members is an organization called Bunker Labs that serves veterans who want to become entrepreneurs.

What a great organization!


Writing Progress

I’m on page 72 of what I plan to be a 100 page play. If it’s a bit longer, great, but it should have at least 90 pages and I think that’s attainable.

At this stage I’ve struggled. I’d hoped to get to page 85 last week, but the characters are eluding me. I’ve hopped around from Act I to Act II waiting for inspiration for scenes that belong in the middle of Act I. I do hope to get to page 80 today, but I’m already procrastinating by blogging, though I hoped writing a blog post could get my juices flowing.

Time to stop blogging and start writing. Wish me luck.