Sepia Saturday

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Lots of people here in the Midwest here are traveling for spring vacation. So here are some old time photos of luggage and suitcases courtesy of Flickr Commons. For more Sepia photos, click here.


New York, Library of Congress, 1912


Mr & Mrs Marshall arrive for a conference, Florida Memory, 1948


US National Archives, Honolulu Airport, 1971


7 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. We’ve been on a few tours in the last few years and found it fun getting to know who, of our tour group, were in what room in each hotel by the suitcases left outside their doors early in the morning on the days we were off on the bus to the next place we were to spend a night or two. 🙂

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    • It escapes me why wheeled luggage took so long to get invented. It was decades after the age of porters. Why? It’s pretty simple.


  2. Ditto about wheels on luggage. But by the 60’s we started having all the structural changes, no more plain brown leather suitcases! It sure helps when you’re looking for your bags at an airport to have something different looking!


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