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This week’s prompt inspired me to look for images of strange inventions. I happen to be rewind a book called TheWonderful Future that Never Was, which is full of cool, quirky devices. (I’ll review that book, when I finish it.)

These wacky inventions do have purpose and whimsy, but when they were first made, I assume the inventor was serious.


Source: Nationaal Archief at the Hague


Popular Science Monthly (via Internet Archive)

I guess roller blades won out.


Radio hat, Nationaal Archief


Rubber Boat Boots from National Archief


10 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. These are hilarious! Can just see people strolling/rolling along with those wheelies…not very practical at all. Boots in the raft do seem like they were designed after someone had been stranded in a raft in shallow water unable to proceed. And the hat radio has definitely been perfected these days. But what on earth were those strange twisty things for swimming? To add buoyncy perhaps?


  2. Very silly indeed! That last boots-boat thing is a real item available today for float fishing. And the wheeled shoes have probably been a concept since ancient times. I bet there’s Egyptian hieroglyphics with the same design.


  3. What a hoot! Great fun. You would probably be interested in a book called “Yesterdays’ Tomorrows”. Some things featured in it would have you smiling and shaking your head, but some were surprisingly – even eerily – right on the mark!


  4. Funny how inventors have worked hard to get the radio closer to our head – radio hat, transistor radio, iPod, earbuds.


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