Attitude Helper for Job Hunting

Yesterday I was lucky to meet with the Dean of a prominent university near me. I was blown away when I checked out her resume to prepare for this meeting. It was beyond impressive.

I was a bit nervous about meeting her, however, she was so helpful and approachable. At one point she advised me to remember that when looking at someone’s resume or c.v. to keep in mind that while it shows say three director positions at top workplaces, it doesn’t show the 15 other director positions that the person did not get.

That’s a helpful reminder that everyone gets turned down for jobs or falters in an interview.


2 thoughts on “Attitude Helper for Job Hunting

  1. That sounds like one of my cousins years ago who told me that all the rejection letters that I received from various universities meant at least they had considered my resume.


    • Quite true. At least with those letters, you knew when the job search for a particular job. So often nowadays, you get an automatic response saying they’ll contact you only if they ant an interview. You have no idea when that would be.

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