Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday Header : 407  24 February 2018

I think bicycles are one of the most pleasant forms of transportation and exercise.


Illustration from “Wheels and Cycling,” 1888

I like the illustration above as a work of art.


Palace Emporium, New South Wales, 1899


William Wheatley Collection, n.d.


Motobike that turns into a motosled! 1902

My favorite that I found on Flickr Commons is this bike that you can turn into a sled. Talk about ingenuity.

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10 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. I like the electric bike. Wheels have always fascinated mankind and continue to inspire new designs for bicycles.


  2. You know, that bike/sled is very unique…but I wonder about the traction on the back wheels in a slushy situation! Particularly like the cycling group, posting with their bikes in symmetry. Seems to fit with the pattern aspect of this week’s prompt.

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  3. My ggrandfather who was in living in Melbourne was making bikes when they became motorized so his shop sold both motorized and nonmotorized cycles and then became a motor mechanic. It was a fascinating time. I love your photo entitled “Palace Emporium, New South Wales, 1899”


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