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not voting

I’m reading Louise de Koven Bowen’s memoir Growing Up with  City. She became a Suffragette after reading about the British Suffragettes who locked themselves to fences in protest. She figured if these women would take such actions, there must be good reason to want to vote. (She was not an uneducated or stupid woman by any stretch so go figure. We sure can’t assume anything about people in the past.)

She describes the speeches she gave and the events she attended in this movement. After the women got the vote in 1923, Bowen was shocked that so few women did vote. I found a fascinating article that states that in 1923 in Chicago only 35% of women voted. The reasons were surprising to me. Some women didn’t believe politics was feminine. Some had husbands who wouldn’t permit it. The chart above shows all the reasons and data.

So the lesson is assume nothing. I had assumed that most women would vote after such a long fight for the right.

Pretty Late in the Game

I just was job hunting on tesol.org and saw that my former employer is hiring English teachers. Mind you, they’re supposed to start teaching next week. This ad went up yesterday!

I’ve learned that now teachers will pay about 47% in Chinese income tax and currency exchange fees. So English teachers, who usually put in 50-60 hours of work a week, will earn about $9.60 per hour for all their hard work. Baby sitters make more – some nanny jobs come with housing.

Clark is the ONLY foreign university in China doing this. Rochester Institute of Technology, NYU, University of Toledo and ALL the American and Australian universities I know of don’t have these high taxes.

I pity anyone who takes these jobs. I loved my students and even little Jinan (the other city Hefei is the pits), but the pollution, mold in the apartments and the utter lack of resources makes this job highly undesirable. What a pity.

Part of the reason for this, I suspect, is that I prevailed in my claim for unemployment. Clark lied when they told the Unemployment office that I quit and in the hearing last month, that was confirmed. What their aim is to prevent their employees from getting the protections US labor law affords. Talk about disrespect and hypocrisy since the school purports to be “progressive.”

WPC: A Face in the Crowd







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