Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday Header : 404 3 February 2018

This week we’re tripping the light fantastic and sharing photos about dancers or dancing.

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Valentina Blinova in L’Oiseau de feu [The Firebird], Ballets Russes, Sydney, 1936-1937 / Max Dupain


Russian ballet dancer. Source: National Library of Australia. Circa 1936.


Greek Dancing, British Museum, 1890


How to Dance the Charleston

Singing in the Rain



12 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. The pictures are lovely and the videos, great fun. How that Gene Kelly and Donald O’Conner could dance and Debbie was no slouch either!!! šŸ™‚


  2. the Charleston looks fun but exhausting. It’s easy to forget how many types of dancing there are. After seeing Romper Stomper live many years ago I could see music and dance everywhere. Sweeping the floor was never the same.

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  3. As a musician I’ve always enjoyed watching ballet and dance, but for me the music always comes first before the beautiful steps. Some of the greatest ballet suites have terrific music but very silly stories. It’s interesting that you chose a film on the Charleston that features a band of boys accompanying the first dancer. They are the Jenkins Orphanage Band of Charleston, SC and in 2014 I wrote a story based on their postcards. Charleston was then a major influence on the development of jazz music, perhaps as much as New Orleans. Here is the link:


  4. What a great and diverse collection of dancing! I can do a Charleston, but not ballet or the stomp…and I prefer to keep dry as opposed to the talented Gene Kelly!


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