Today’s Daily Post prompts bloggers to write about the word Study. I’ll quickly write about what I’m studying. Today I started a MasterClass given by David Mamet and I’m quite impressed with the fast paced, wisdom-packed course thus far. After just a couple lesson’s I’ve gotten a sense of the course and it’s as high quality as the Aaron Sorkin screenwriting class I took. I got this course for Christmas. MasterClass is offering a special deal where you can get an all-access pass for $90 this year.

I’m also working on a course on Instructional Design. Much of the course confirms what I’ve learned elsewhere, but’s courses are always thorough and this will fill in the gaps in my knowledge.

In addition, I’d like to find some economics and math courses to round out my knowledge base. I’ll look into that once I get started with my final grad school class for my library science degree.


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