He’s Cute, but . . .

I just read about the top earners on YouTube. One 6 year old boy caught my eye because he and his parents, I imagine earned $11,000,000 from their YouTube videos.

From the few I’ve seen, Ryan’s videos show him playing with a new toy. Ryan is adorable and seems very genuine. He does get a lot of toys to test out. His parents often participate by playing along.

Here’s a video of Ryan playing with a few different toy advent calendars. They are new to me and cute, but isn’t advent about anticipation? I realize the chocolate calendars also emphasize consumption rather than anticipation, but

I hope Google doesn’t demonetize Ryan and grab 80% of his income as they have for Casey and Simon and Martina. (I’m hoping both Casey and Simon and Martina get fair compensation for their videos.)

I’m still stunned by this income. A lot of TV stars don’t earn $11,000,000 a year. Here’s a list of the top salaries Hollywood TV actors get. Ryan does make more. Well, he also writes his own material. I hope his parents, who do seem like good people, invest wisely.