In response to the Daily Post’s prompt, I’ll share some thoughts on elegance. The video above has several good tips on elegance, but I’ll add a few thoughts.

  • We’re losing or lost the idea of everyday elegance. I sorely miss it. Watching White Christmas on Saturday, I was swept away by the elegant clothing both men and women, stars and extras had on. We can’t roll back time, but we can iron our shirts and look polished even when wearing casual clothing.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot to be elegant and it’s not just for formal occasions. Check out my friend Bridget’s Instagram. She lives in the mountains and everyday posts what she’s wearing. She’s got a knack for casual elegance.
  • I’ve learned a lot about elegance living in Asia. Their outfits are usually “less is more” in that they don’t overdo it with accessories. (N.B. some short, short skirts are in vogue and a few inches more of fabric would leave something to the imagination.)
  • The antithesis of elegance for me is chipped nail polish. I’ve been guilty, but once your polish is getting chipped, remove it. If you’ve got a non-elegance pet peeve, comment below