Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday Theme Image 396

Markets are one of my favorite sites to photograph so I enjoyed looking through Flickr Commons to see some traditional markets from other times.

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market 1

Indianapolis Market, Library of Congress, 1910

hamilton mkt

Hamilton Market, town archives, 1946

Mr roberst

Grainger Market, 1970s from Tyne & Wear Archives

Field muse

British Guiana Market, Field Museum, 1922




8 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. jofeath says:

    I know it’s Sepia Saturday but you should show us some of your own market photos too – the rules are not that strict😀 The old ones are good though.


  2. Mike Brubaker says:

    Real traditional markets are hard to find in America. What passes for local produce is often imported from foreign places.
    After scrolling down to the second photo I blinked in wonder as tiny snowflakes began to fall. Then I laughed when I realized I could make them blow left or right!
    If I stayed on your webpage would they accumulate enough to make a snowman?


  3. I would have missed the clever snowflakes if not for Mike. One of my good friends, a Vietnamese woman, learned most of what she knows working in the Hanoi markets as a kid. The first photo of the boy reminded me of her.


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