Sepia Saturday

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Markets are one of my favorite sites to photograph so I enjoyed looking through Flickr Commons to see some traditional markets from other times.

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market 1

Indianapolis Market, Library of Congress, 1910

hamilton mkt

Hamilton Market, town archives, 1946

Mr roberst

Grainger Market, 1970s from Tyne & Wear Archives

Field muse

British Guiana Market, Field Museum, 1922




8 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. I know it’s Sepia Saturday but you should show us some of your own market photos too – the rules are not that strict😀 The old ones are good though.


  2. Real traditional markets are hard to find in America. What passes for local produce is often imported from foreign places.
    After scrolling down to the second photo I blinked in wonder as tiny snowflakes began to fall. Then I laughed when I realized I could make them blow left or right!
    If I stayed on your webpage would they accumulate enough to make a snowman?


  3. I would have missed the clever snowflakes if not for Mike. One of my good friends, a Vietnamese woman, learned most of what she knows working in the Hanoi markets as a kid. The first photo of the boy reminded me of her.


    • I love Asian markets, which are still much of the cultures in that part of the world. In the US, our markets are rather sterilized now. IMHO.


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