Not Garrison

Boy, the accusations are piling up. That doesn’t surprise me. I worked in Hollywood in the 1980s. But I was surprised to wake up to hearing about Matt Lauer getting fired. I’m not sure what happened. I suppose that will come to light. It seems true, whatever the story.

Now I just heard that Garrison Keillor, writer and creator of The Prairie Home Companion has been fired because a woman has come forward with a story of sexual harassment. It’s sad. I hope it’s not true, but I hoped that Bill Cosby was innocent and he wasn’t.

I hope we create better work environments and a return to civility where this isn’t rampant. I guess we all do. I hope we know enough about what happened so we can figure out what as a society needs to be done.

Jeremy Piven was accused and took a polygraph test. The results showed that he wasn’t lying when he said the allegations were false. You can’t be proven innocent, but I think this is as good as you can get unless you go through the legal system, which isn’t perfect either.

I’d like Garrison to take a polygraph test.

Without knowing the particulars, I’m surprised that people are getting fired without due process, which can be a hearing and not necessarily a court case. I don’t want to defend a sexual predator, but it seems these people should be put on leave and have their due process and then if they’re in the wrong, then fire them.

What times we live in!



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