Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday Theme Image 395

This week’s prompt shows four men enjoying some beer. I was inspired me to find some images of ads for beer. Boy, were there a lot, enough for a book or even a whole library. Each tells a lot about each era. I found these with Google search so there wasn’t the metadata that’s helpful. So we have to guess the dates.

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beer change world

japanese beer ad

burn beer



11 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. I was enjoying the ads so much I was surprised to see the ads that are put in place on your blog post didn’t talk about beer also! I’m definitely a beer lover, and try lots of these new micro-brewery brews.

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  2. Well done! Pabst extract must have been like Marmite or Vegemite spread, a thick jam made from motor oil. Despite being married to a Brit and living there for a time, I never acquired the taste. I prefer it in it’s natural liquid state.


  3. Great ads, but my response to the ‘didn’t burn the beer’ would be to pour it over his condescending head!


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