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After The Arts Club and lunch, Melody and I went to 333 N. Michigan. We were actually heading further, but the sign for the Open House beckoned us and I knew the building had exquisite Art Deco touches, like their stunning elevator doors. On the 4th floor the Tavern Club was open to the public. I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed with the interior of this old social club that used to count Carl Sandburg and Frank Lloyd Wright at its members. I confess I’m a history buff who’s got one foot stuck in the past, where wood paneling and gas lights are the norm. While I didn’t get the interior I had hoped for, the view from the club of the river and Michigan Avenue below was stunning.


From the Tavern Club at 333 N. Michigan

On the way out of 333, in the elevator, I asked a man what his favorite sight was and he said the 17th Christian Science Church, so we went there next. Designed by Harry Reese, the modern church was dedicated in the 1960s. When we walked into the church, the amazing organ was playing.




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    • Whenever you get a chance, come visit. The weekend of Open House Chicago is great. Otherwise if you visit, come and take a tour from the Chicago History Museum and/or the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

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