Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday Theme Image 390

Hmm. What to search for for this prompt. I suppose I’ll go to Flickr Commons and search “girl posed.”

I did and here’s a few photos I found.

For more inspired nostalgia, click here.


From the National Library of Wales, circa 1885


Library of Congress, 1939, taken near Union Station, Washington DC


She could use more fabric ~ Library of Congress, 1910


Norway, 1890, Library of Congress


11 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. That’s a very photogenic and co-operative dog there in the first photo! It looks like it knows it’s the centre of attention.


  2. I wonder how ‘see-through’ that filmy outfit on the young girl really was? it’s hard to tell in a black & white photo. But today that pose would be highly questionable for someone so young if the costume is truly sheer.


  3. Re:Your First (Welsh) Photo.What A Dog! I wonder the breed? Certainly the ultimate “Guard Dog”!!!!


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