Sepia Saturday

Sepia Saturday Theme Image 388

The prompt above made me search for photos of cars in cities. Cars of bygone days are so elegant and romantic, don’t you agree?


US National Archives, Jamaica Beach, NY, 1973

Aren’t you glad that isn’t your car? 

lhj car

Internet Archives, Dodge Magazine ad, n.d.


Missouri State Archives, 1924

1904 car

Internet Archives, 1904, ad

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11 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Your picture of the 1904 Winton reminded me of a date I went on once with a fellow who owned a Model A Ford (or was it a Model T? Not sure) Anyway, at first I thought it was great – really unique – until we actually started driving. The car was so noisy we couldn’t talk at all without yelling at each other. Not very romantic.


  2. Automobile styles are so characteristic of their time. Curves, angles, dimensions, color, etc. reflect what manufacturers thought people would buy. That 1904 model for instance looks like a well appointed carriage without horse. I often look at our contemporary cars and wonder which models will be considered classics in 50 years.


  3. The American cars are so big compared to the British models, but I can relate to,the typical 1950’s outfits, in the second image. My father wore a trilby hat , my mother a “costume” with a pinched-in waist and a hat like that, and I wore a bonnet to match my Sunday best coat.


  4. These are just great! My family owned the Dodge in the first ad in the 1950s — it was maroon and the exterior would get a white, chalky dust all over it if it wasn’t waxed! My maternal Italian ancestors owned a car like the last one. Thanks for the walk down memory lane 🙂


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