It’s July and we need to be careful about the sun and our skin. Last year I shared this video on Asian sunscreens. The new video above brings you up-to-date on new products that protect your skin.

What ever you do, remember to use sunscreen when you go out. Don’t forget to apply some to the back of your hands and neck.

I know two videos on sunscreen seem like a lot, but here’s one more that really has good information, which doesn’t duplicate the videos above.


2 thoughts on “Sunscreen

  1. Another tip – I didn’t realize this till yesterday. If you use spray on sunscreen (so that you don’t have to get your hands greasy putting on the stuff), you are supposed to rub it on after you spray to make it effective.

    Go figure.


  2. I once got a really horrible burn in an area where my shirt had slid down my arm and left a piece of naked shoulder while we drove in a convertible. It was cool in the car, so I didn’t feel it at all. Until later. OUCH.


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