A Shame

Recently to celebrate a friends’ birthday, four friends and I went to eat at Bon Appetit, an Italian restaurant which used to be run by an Italian American married to a woman from Jinan. About a year ago he returned to the US so his children could have a better education.

The last time I went, which was a while back, the food was good, but the service wasn’t what it used to be. This time my food and the food that two of my friends ordered was fine. Unfortunately, two other friends got terrible food poisoning and were up all night in the bathroom. The birthday “girl” was so sick that she had to cancel classes the next day.

The last thing a restaurant should do is make people sick. I emailed them and never got a reply. I would have let this problem go, but I don’t want Bon Appetit to make other people sick. I wouldn’t wish food poisoning on anyone. Last weekend I got a Chinese friend to call them. The response was very disappointing. They insisted that none of the other guests got sick. Well, we were the only table in the restaurant that night. There were no other guests. We weren’t looking for freebies. I just wanted to tell them about a problem so they could correct it and build their business. I used to want to see them succeed. Now their defensiveness has completely turned me off. I’d never return to Bon Appetit, which used to be a gem.

Those days are over and neglect has ruined a once good restaurant.


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