Buying Property in China

I don’t know any expat who’s bought property here. This video recounts one expat’s experience and regrets.

From what I’ve seen condo’s aren’t well maintained, i.e. the common areas and elevators are allowed to go to pot. Builders cut corners to pocket more money so things start to crumble and sure will look horrible in 10 or less years. In 20 or 30 the place will be decrepit. Think Chicago’s CTA that’s outdated and grungy.

One teacher I know planned to buy here during his honeymoon phase. But as a teacher he couldn’t bring much money into the country. (He wanted to wire in $100,000.) With our visas you can only bring in $50,000. It’s just as well as with the pollution and iffy government. (Sometime this house of cards built on secrets and lies bound to fall.)

Laowhy 86’s videos show great insight into the culture from someone who’s married into it.

If you want to see a longer look at why buildings are crumbling in China, check this out: