Well . . .

I must say I’m stunned, by the election results. There will be plenty of analysis and talking heads will have a field day. I need time to absorb all this and to gain some perspective.

I do think Hillary lost rather than Trump won. I think any Democrat other than Hillary could have won, just as I think any GOP could have beaten Trump. I see this as a failure in the primary system and the failure of the media and political organizations to connect with people.

We’re in for a turbulent ride, that’s for sure.

I do pray that it won’t be as bad as many think. I can only say I pray that as I think God’s needed to ensure sanity and some peace.


Mainly, I’m stunned.


Maybe the media will learn not to give the spotlight to every hothead with a big bank account who says something that’ll heighten ratings. Not that the media is the only one at fault, but they bare some responsibility. They egged him on when they broadcast his ridiculous assertions about Obama’s birthplace. They gave him so much attention during the primaries. How I hope they find a way to bring civility back.

That said, I’d like to see our protest take the shape of everyone speaking civilly, refraining from profanity, donning a pocket square, spats, gloves, pearls, whatever you’ve got or can get at a second hand shop, that suggests elegance, restraint and civility.



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  1. Yes! Elegance, restraint and civility! His behavior, attitude and voice to not reflect the majority of people in this country. I shall sit back and see what he does. I wish him well for the sake of this country, but when and if things go wrong, his supporters can only blame him themselves.


    • I do think he’s very much a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” person. I too hope and pray for the best. I’ve decided to be even choosier about the news I watch and how much I watch. I also feel it’s a good time to become more spiritual. I mean that not in a snarky joking way, but I hope in a humble, sincere way. It sure can’t hurt.


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