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Each week Sepia Saturday bloggers post images and text on a particular theme. This week the theme is Work & Play. Flickr Commons has numerous photos of people who worked hard in mines, mills, factories, farms and more. Here’s just a few.

You might ask, “Where’s the play?” Well, my searching didn’t yield much. Life was hard in the early 20th Century.

I bet some did find good Work and Play images.


Irish Mill, Waterford, 1901

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U.S. South, Farmers, circa 1900


9 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. I would guess corn given it’s the US south and the importance of corn meal in the diet – corn bread was more common than biscuits I believe.


  2. I’m always impressed in the obvious pride that we see in the men and women pictured in these occupational photos. The work was hard but it required great stamina and skill.


  3. Often times the mills and factories, etc. had sports teams of one sort or another. Mostly for the men, but sometimes for the women – especially in later years. Baseball and softball were probably the most popular.


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