Sepia Saturday

sepia 827


Ginny & Bob – August 27, 1960

Each week the folks at Sepia Saturday choose a theme for people to post on. This week’s theme is “Love and Marriage.” and it just so happens that it’s my parents’ (above) wedding anniversary. Below I’ve posted public domain photos, dost of which had little in terms of metadata i.e. descriptions. Still they caught my attention.

If you’d like to see more nostalgic wedding photos, head over to Sepia Saturday.

regal wedding


Edith Cowan the 1st female member of Australia’s parliament (1921)

wedding 1


5 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. A wonderful collection – you can read so much into the photographs – the groom’s elaborate uniform, the stern expressions of everyone and those huge hats in the final photograph. You could imagine a short story based on each image.


  2. La Nightingail says:

    Love your Mom’s smile in their wedding photo. She sure looked happy! In contrast, the bride in the second photo, with the smartly uniformed bridegroom, looks like she’s wondering belatedly what she’s gotten herself into?!


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