Things Bilingual People Do

I think this is spot on, but do you?

Which languages do you speak?


2 thoughts on “Things Bilingual People Do

  1. Yes, for the most part I see this too. I understand some Spanish and read a little as I grew up hearing it in South Texas. My son speaks fluent Spanish and it has always been an asset to him. Friends who speak Spanish always say, it sounds better in Spanish if it is something positive or it sounds worse in Spanish if it is something negative. What languages have you picked up in your travels?


  2. I’m at an intermediate level in Japanese still and have a beginner’s level in Chinese. I think I don’t know any Chinese, but then surprise myself by catching meaning here and there. Since I can get by and since it’s so tough, I don’t really care to move ahead with Chinese.

    From listening to Joan Kim on YouTube (joankeem is her channel’s name) I now would like to improve my Korean.

    I took Spanish in high school and middle school but haven’t worked on it since then.

    I took Latin in college and love that language. Years ago I taught my friends’ kids Latin. It is helpful for learning any Romantic language or for vocabulary building in English.

    I took French as an adult and got to an intermediate level. I’d like to push ahead with it because I can probably become fluent, but I don’t have the time.


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