Bullet Journals

In Indonesia both Tara and I dedicated a good amount of time to goal meeting and avoiding procrastination. Our trainees are busy teachers and like us have important goals that we want to achieve, but finding the time to get to work is tough. It seems other chores crop up and little gets done. I hate that I do so little writing during the school year. I put so much time into teaching and put my own writing on the back burner.

One habit I hope will fix this is starting and keeping a Bullet Journal. The video above explains how to make one and how they can empower you.

Another tactic I’m employing (though not as much as I should) I learned from a Coursera class called “Learning How to Learn.” It’s a great 4 week course to improve learning skills for people of any age, but especially for high school and college students. The professor advocates the “Pomodoro Method” to beat procrastination. The name comes from an Italian expert who had a timer that looked like a tomato (tomato in Italian is “pomodoro”). The tactic is to set the timer for 25 minutes and to get to the task you need to complete. Don’t let anything stop you! What you’ll find is at first, you are tempted to not work. You’ll have an urge to complete a “short” chore, to check email, etc. Ignore that temptation. Soon those unrelated temptations fall away and you make progress. In fact often, I’ll be writing and the timer goes off and I’ll stretch for a couple minutes and do another 25.

Give it a try!

What’s your experience with procrastination? How do you overcome it?