Hot Yoga?

On Monday Tara and I went to a yoga class down the street. Tara, who’s a big yoga practitioner and even does Acro-Yoga, had gone on the first Friday we were here.  Then she said the room was quite hot and the teacher was something of a task master, so I had no interest in a Friday class. However, she’d been told that the Monday teacher spoke better English so I figured I try this Monday.

“Hot” was an understatement. While this wasn’t called “Hot Yoga,” the teacher immediately shut all the windows in the fan-less room with no air conditioning. She was cheerful in her greeting and when we started there were 4 students. Later the class number doubled. In the next room loud rock music blared.

The start was fine, but soon I realized that the cycle of downward dog – cobra – warrior pose would just repeat more or less for an hour. Soon I was drenched in sweat and having no fun at all. I thought of just leaving and after 35 or 40 minutes I just stopped and sat with my legs crossed.

I rejoined the participants at the end for the “relaxation” when the quiet New Age music was drowned out by the rock.


7 thoughts on “Hot Yoga?

  1. Found this with a Pilates class I went to.. lots of moving about in positions I felt weren’t doing anything more me and got more bored than relaxed while the dance music from the gym blared through the walls!


    • I don’t know about brave. I should have been wise enough to just leave after 20 minutes and do something better with the time. Live & learn.


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