Last Night

This is the big weekend for grading. I have almost 40 students (a few dropped out) so I should have gotten 30-some rough drafts to correct. Still Tara and I decided we should not work on Friday night. We hit the ground running since we arrived and the goal of teaching college lecturers how to write or present at a professional level has been daunting. Yes, the students and administrators have been so kind and hospitable, but what a goal! (They’re under more pressure as to keep their jobs, they need to earn PhD’s by something like 2030.)

So rather than work we went in search of the SKA Mall. With their air conditioning, free entertainment, kids’ play areas and shopping possibilities, malls are the social hubs of any Indonesia city. Tara wanted peanut butter since as a vegetarian food choices are slim. I just wanted to explore. We wound up finding a Starbucks, where we got quiche for dinner. We explored like amateur cultural anthropologists, taking in the mysteries of the Islamic faship shops, arcades and playgrounds and the supermarket where we puzzled over the various snacks, fruits and drinks. (I’ve got lots of photos, as you’d expect, but my new camera and old computer are so incompatible. So photos are “Coming Soon,” after August 11.) They had a lot of local shops, but also a slew of international shops: The Face Shop from Korea, Giordana from Hong Kong, I think, A&W Rootbeer from middle America, Levy’s and Nike.We both got some quality (yet inexpensive) batik items for gifts. As we were leaving we happened upon a local reggae band performing for free so we stayed for that.