Sunscreens for the Summer


That’s not me

My first job out of college was at the American Academy of Dermatology as a receptionist.  A big function of that organization was publicizing the bad side of getting too much sun and how that leads to skin cancer.

With an Irish and English heritage, I’m a prime target for skin cancer. Part of the problem was how I’d lay in the sun as a kid. My mother always promoted this as she believed a medium rare look was healthy. I think we’ve learned it isn’t.

Now it seems my father’s best friend is his dermatologist who he seems to be seeing every month to get yet another lesion removed. I do not want to live like that. So  I’ve been wearing sunscreen or make up with sunscreen quite faithfully. The trouble is the Neutrogenia 50 SPF cream I’m using feels rather tacky and heavier than I like.

Enter Japan

From the beauty vloggers I’ve seen, I’ve learned that Japan makes the best sunscreens. Not only do they have high SPFs, but they have better PA plus numbers. As Renee fro Gothamista explains above PA+++, etc. refers to the filters that eliminate the suns forces that cause aging.

Lisa of Beauty Bemused, below, gives very detailed run downs of a wide range of sunscreen products from Japan and Korea. What I like is that she mentions the price so when I hear “pricey” I can ignore that product.

Even if you can’t find these products easily, I’ve gotten Asian skincare products from Yesstyle. com and


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  1. Good for you! I have spent too much time in the sun without protection over the years. It is good that you are taking care of your skin and found good sun screens. Take care!


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