Sepia Saturday

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This week’s Sepia Saturday prompt shows multiple images of a baby. It’s the sort of wallet sized sheet of photos we’d order at school.

I thought I’d run with multiple births, not quite repetitious, but close in a fascinating way.

How’d you like to be the parent of  twins or triplets? Quadruplets (none shown) or quintuplets?


Texas State Archives, “Tom & Cullen,” n.d.


Nationaal Archief Nederlands, n.d.


Dunda Museum & Archives, n.d.



9 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. My aunt had twins…so had four children under the age of five…told me (laughing) that she happily would have given one back, just to make life easier! She didn’t, of course, and my cousins were fine!


  2. jofeath says:

    The photograph of the mother in bed with her screaming triplets gives me the horrors, but once you get past that initial stage I’m sure it would be lovely. We get great Xmas card photos each year from a family with girl triplets who are now aged about 9.


  3. La Nightingail says:

    Little Yvone Dione is obviously her own person – at least in this picture. Nice post. My brother dated one of identical triplets for a while & was never quite sure he was out on a date with the same girl each time.


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